hanoi vegan

Vegan food, drinks and lifestyle community events
Why Vegan Festival?
Vegan food is delicious
And the idea was to show people how various and tasty it could be
It's about responsible living
People, who support vegan lifestyle are caring about out planet and live their life with gratitude to the planet and other creatures
Great for non-vegans
There are many different lifestyles and if non-vegans come to vegan festival to try few dishes out of their curiousity, it's already a big deal
2 festivals

made 1200 people happy
100+ dishes

Russian, Mexican, Spanish, Italian, street food, fusion, deserts
over 5 mil vnd

Raised by Hanoi Pet Adoption to save kittens
Vegan food is delicious!
The idea of Vegan Festival is to introduce vegan food to the community in a way that people have great fun at the event, apart of food and drinks we had music performance program, kids entertainment zone, massage stall, "Ask a vegan" booth and Hanoi Pet Adoption team to raise money for kittens
Our partners for vegan festivals
Our festivals are family friendly, gay friendly, pet friendly and will always be!