Hanoi escape picnic

Family festival with outdoor activities and camping
Why Hanoi Escape?
We found beautiful park with private lake to create atmosphere of city escape
People love spending time out of city heat. We offered family event with lots of activities for any age and created atmosphere of family picnic inside the city
Active lifestyle idea
Hanoi need something like this - family event with lots of activities so families had great fun there
Its unique
Surprise, but no one done it before in such a scale
1 festival

made 1600 people happy
7 zones

Driving school for kids, pool, sandpit, graffiti wall, bouncing castle, indoor workshops, SUP-boarding, water sports, stage performances - for kids and adults of all age
23 bands

Played at festival with ZUMBA dance team performance and holi paint fun
Awesome 2-days family event!
The idea of Hanoi Escape Picnic as city escape attracted lots of attention from vietnamese bloggers and press
Our partners for Hanoi Escape Picnic
That was big fun to organize this event! Great weekend for everyone!