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Business consulting explained: how does it work and how much does it cost.

I can help you if:

Something is wrong with your business, but you do not know what’s wrong exactly. For example, your sales are declining, but you cannot find the reason for that.

You would like to have some expert opinion about your business before you make an important decision, for example you want to break up with your business partner or hire not effective staff member, but emotional bond is quite high.

You would like to set some goals for your company, for example plan a company growth and you need help to set up actions to achieve it.


Steps (how we work)

Step 1: After your request, I will contact you and we will discuss your problem. I will need some initial information to understand if I can help you

Step 2: You will fill out the application form before the consultation and send it to me no later than 24 hours before the consultation. This is the time I will use to think about your problem.

Step 3: We will discuss how many sessions we will need to solve your problem and set up a number of sessions and plan our work.  



Express consulting

Problem analysis

Documents and templates

1 90-minutes session


1 Month support

Problem analysis

Documents and templates

2 90-minutes sessions

Email support during 1 month


6 Months support

Problem analysis

Documents and templates

6 90-minutes sessions

6 months support


My name is Sveta Sugako, I am 34 years old, I have been doing theater for 14 years. At the beginning of 2019, I decided to implement a project that I had been nurturing for several years – fitness retreats I held a couple of retreats and realized that I did not have plans for the development and promotion of the project, there was no plan to attract clients either. I sent Tanya Pisarchuk a request for help. I filled out a questionnaire with a detailed description of my vision of the problem and we made an appointment. In one hour of teamwork, I got specific tools for working on my project. Tanya outlined the necessary actions almost step by step. I had to fulfill them. As a result, the organization of the next retreats was much easier for me, the audience grew, and the interest in the Beyourself project increased. I would definitely recommend Tanya’s individual consultation to those who have tons of ideas, but have no structure. I would also recommend Tanya’s consulting for those who have already started climbing their mountain and now have doubts about the route and the chosen pace

City Lingva

Six months ago, overwhelmed by doubts about the development of the business and being in a state of emotional burnout and fatigue, I turned to Tanya. 90 minutes of dialogue turned out to be interesting and intense. The fresh look of an experienced thinking person from the outside was very important to me. As a result, after our meeting, I received a clear step-by-step plan for where to go next. Some points turned out to be the wording of what I intuitively felt, some proposals turned out to be new and unexpected. What happened in the end? I redefined my functions, plans and capabilities – and completely redesigned the work schedule, finding a balance between teaching (which I cannot refuse) and being a leader. I saw new opportunities for attracting customers and a new line of business, which we are actively developing now.

I would recommend working with Tanya to someone who is ready to work with their sleeves rolled up, but who lacks a clear structure in their head, a plan and, possibly, confidence and courage on their way.

Ochkovaya Optika (Minsk)

My name is Irina Prilukova. I have a long-term optics business, this is a family business, children also have their own departments. Recently, revenues declined – competition has grown, the population’s ability to pay has decreased, and business stagnated. We are not very strong in social media and do not use modern advertising methods much.

Therefore, when I saw Tanya’s proposal for a possible consultation, I decided that this was our chance. We had a very meaningful conversation with Tanya. What she advised was clear and easy to follow. Now our team is gradually introducing her advice and we are slowly moving forward. Great!

I recommend Tanya as a great professional – smart and intelligent, with new and interesting ideas.

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