Craft beer festivals

Family friendly, gay friendly, eco-friendly, dogs friendly BEER*MUSIC*FUN events in Hanoi since 2015
Why craft beer?
It's smaller scale
Supporting small breweries we support local small business, we support people who are enthusiastic about what they do. Local craft beer community is amazing!
It's various
It is different in terms of taste, ABV, serving size and their package look cool! You can always engoy seasonal batches and some crazy fantsies of brewers
It's always fresh
Some breweries serve their batches immediately from the tap so freshness is 10/10
6 festivals

made 6500 people happy
9200 liters

Of finest craft beer drank by visitors

Played at festivals
Save water - drink beer!
The philosophy of beer festivals always were to unite people and bring them great experience through beer, food, music, making friends and bonding
Our partners for beer festivals
Visitors stay at festivals for 3 and more hours enjoying the atmosphere, food and great beer. We understand that key factor of success is to make people love an event. If they love an event, they stay longer, spend more money and then come again next time!