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Tanya Pisarchuk

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I am social entrepreneur and Startup founder. My mission is to change life around me, showing people new perspectives and giving them motivation and knowledge for transformation. My passion is women empowerment and public speaking. I want all women be financially independent, happy and achieve their goals and ambitions. You can contact me for collaboration, mentoring or business consulting.

I am a professional
Marketer and I love
what I do

I loved economy since I was a kid and my first money I made in school doing small business targeted on my classmates. Later on I got Master degree in Marketing. I worked for international companies on key strategic positions developing my expertise in marketing, sales, business processes, constant improvement and long-range strategies.

I am an adventurous
start up'er

I am business practitioner, managed to open new business being an expat in the new country. First business I opened in Hanoi in 2014 on my own facing lots of difficuties and I am so happy I have this experience which made me stronger and more confident in what I do.

I am clear with my
mission to empower
women to achieve
their goals in order to
be successful, financial -
ly independent and happy

I am clear with my mission to empower women to achieve their goals in order to be successful, financially independent and happy

I worked hard all my life moving to mindful and conscious understanding of my inner values and goals. Those values I found out helped me to get the understanding of my bigger goal, my mission in life.

I think that anyone can achieve anything in their life by finding their own path and being persistent in what they do


Right now I have few businesses running with my co-founders and I do not forget to give back to the welcoming society by running several social projects. In 2018 I organized the TEDxTayHoWomen event, which was the first TEDxWomen event in Vietnam.

I am a motivational speaker myself and this is my passion which I like to develop more. I am also a beginner writer, I wrote a book about Vietnam and thinking of writing another book about my way of women empowerment. Please check my projects below to know more

Do you want to change the world together? Invite me for your conference.

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