Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Mentor
Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Mentor
Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Mentor

Your idea is great! Now, let's earn some money on it. Take the course

and start your business in 15 weeks​

Being an entrepreneur myself, I understand how hard it is for a young start-uper to find answers. Who is my target audience? How to build a portfolio? What should be the price? How to sell? How to make a financial plan? What is the best time to launch? Well, my Startup course is not something fantastic, I just took all my knowledge and created a system. This system will help anyone to build from scratch a launch plan and launch it successfully. I’m offering my personal support, so I am always here to help.If anyone offered me that course 10 years ago, I would be so quick to take it!

How women entrepreneurs can change the world.

Being independent for a sake of family

Financial freedom is very important as it can influence women’s life decisions. I believe that women making money themselves and not dependent on their partners have more choices in life and are more happy in general

Being role model for younger and kids

Social pressure on women is high, we have to balance between being good mothers and great leaders at the same time. However our kids see our efforts and they are proud of us. Looking at youngsters, what do we want them to say about us?

Being ambitious in business

Doing what you love is the best thing one can get in their life. Building their business, women entrepreneurs bring their passion, empathy and strength to a traditionally men’s world. We should expose ourselves more in business to create more safe space for other women to follow

My idea
about women leadership.


Those are my online courses to help women to start their business and reach their goals.

Consulting or mentoring?

I am a professional marketer and an entrepreneur and I love what I do

I always loved the Economy, my passion since I was teenager was to understand how things work and how companies do business. I graduated from BSEU (Belarussian State Economic University) with a Master degree in Economics. I  worked in international companies and lived abroad in the USA, China, Estonia and Vietnam before I had the courage to open my first business.

I do both mentoring and business consulting

My mentorship is always free and I provide it to someone who is younger and less confident in business than me. I usually mentor 1 or 2 women per year and we meet until everything is clear and problem solved. Business consulting is a way I work with companies and individuals. We start with a strategic session and then decide the number of sessions and work format. I also have an express consult format which means we meet once for 60-90 minutes for clients to receive feedback on particular problems and set short term actions.

Clients say.

Social entrepreneur

I am Dana and I had a 4 months mentoring course with Tanya Pisarchuk. I came to Tanya as I decided to change my life. I moved from Mexico back to my hometown and decided to start up a new business in the field of education.

During 4 months we analyzed about 10 of my business ideas and at the end I finalized WHAT I do and WHY (for me it was deep insight to understand the biggest task and goal and stop spending my time on small and non-relevant tasks).

We step-by-step went through business strategies, I did a lot of home-work and learnt to think as an entrepreneur, not a hired employee.

We worked hard with Tanya to give me strength and passion any entrepreneur craves on the start. So, there is one more happy woman in this world now!

Founder, Humans of Minsk

We had just one mentoring session with Tanya, but I can say that even one session helped me to see my project from another angle. Tanya helped me to structure my thoughts and gently point out weak parts. She asked the right questions and I got the understanding of what I should do to achieve my goals. Tanya has big managerial experience, so she gave me advice on who to involve in the project and even shared her contacts.

It was a very easy conversation, but I received lots of valuable information. It was comfortable as talk between two friends but at the same time I felt I got beneficial knowledge from it.

Masterskaya Dobrogo Dela (Helping autistic kids)

Before taking the course, I had nothing to do with business. I had the idea of ​​my own business and the confidence that the idea was cool, but there was neither knowledge nor experience. I am very grateful to the leaders of the course, Tanya and Nadya, for their knowledge of marketing, sales, and finance within the deadline. The support from the course leaders was tremendous. They found the right words, motivated, helped, but did not decide for you, but pushed for independent answers. Thanks to the course, all ideas were rethought, structured and translated into numbers. There was a general picture of my business, as close as possible to life. The tasks were worked out in their own project, they can be immediately applied in practice.

If you are ready to dive into your own world of business and go to the end, then the course is for you. Highly recommended!


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