Tanya Pisarchuk

Social enterpreneur, Business Consultant, Mentor
I am social entrepreneur and Startup founder. My mission is to change life around me, showing people new perspectives and giving them motivation and knowledge for transformation. My passion is women empowerment and public speaking. I want all women be financially independent, happy and achieve their goals and ambitions. You can contact me for collaboration, mentoring or business consulting
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My career path and mission

I am a professional Marketer and I love what I do
I loved economy since I was a kid and my first money I made in school doing small business targeted on my classmates. Later on I got Master degree in Marketing. I worked for international companies on key strategic positions developing my expertise in marketing, sales, business processes, constant improvement and long-range strategies.
I am an adventurous start-up'er
I am business practitioner, managed to open new business being an expat in the new country. First business I opened in Hanoi in 2014 on my own facing lots of difficuties and I am so happy I have this experience which made me stronger and more confident in what I do
I am clear with my mission to empower women to achieve their goals in order to be successful, financially independent and happy
I worked hard all my life moving to mindful and conscious understanding of my inner values and goals. Those values I found out helped me to get the understanding of my bigger goal, my mission in life.
I think that anyone can achieve anything in their life by finding their own path and being persistent in what they do
What business do I do now?
Timeclub Consult: Founder & CEO
My company is doing business consulting for companies building business development strategies and winning markets. We worked with big local and international companies (annual revenue from
50M $ to 300M $) in Vietnam and abroad
Online Education: Co-founder of sheleads.pro
Women empowerment and online-education for russian-speaking market, we have the product that is helping women to start up a business from scratch
Timeclub Events
Since 2015, we organised 14 festivals with more than 30 000 people attending. We specialise on family friendly, dog friendly, eco-friendly community events and craft beer festivals
Wheretoget Survival Kit
2019 StartUp - survival catalogue for expats in Hanoi - helping expats to find their comfort in Hanoi

It was my honor to volunteer for HIWC (Hanoi International Women Club) organizing HIWC Bazaar - biggest charity event of a year in Hanoi.
Since 1991, HIWC has hosted an Annual Charity Bazaar to raise funds to support disadvantaged women, youth and children in Vietnam. The annual Bazaar is a much anticipated day of international cuisine, music, dance and fun for families from Hanoi and the international community welcoming around 10 000 people every year.
In 2018, 8,500 people attended the Bazaar and helped raise $112,500 USD. These funds was distributed to up to 10 organizations to support projects aimed at empowering disadvantaged women, youth and children in the areas of health, community development and education
TED Talks for the community
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TED Talks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection. TEDxTayHoWomen event in December 2018 is a way to support local community and empower vietnamese women by creating great atmosphere of TEDx conversation
I have a dream about the world, where women are leaders!
Here is my speech for Women Deliver Power Stage 2019, Vancouver, Canada
My partners and clients
Reviews from my mentee
Dana Komrad
Social enterpreneur
I am Dana and I had 4 months mentoring course with Tanya Pisarchuk. I came to Tanya as I decided to change my life. I moved from Mexico back to my hometown and decided to start up a new business in the field of education.
During 4 months we analyzed about 10 of my business ideas and at the end I finalized WHAT I do and WHY (for me it was deep insight to understand the biggest task and goal and stop spending my time on small and non-relevant tasks).
We step-by-step went through business strategies, I made a lot of home-work and learnt to think as entrepreneur, not the hired employee.
It was a long way and during 4 month I had organized several educational events learning on mistakes and finally improved business model and added social part in it.
Now I work on things I love and believe in. We worked hard with Tanya to give me strength and passion any entrepreneur craves on the start. So, there is one more happy women in this world now!
Dasha Sapranetskaya
Founder, Humans of Minsk
We had just one mentoring session with Tanya, but I can say, that even one session helped me to see my project from another angle. Tanya helped me to structure ny thoughts and gently point on week parts. She asked right questions and I got the understanding what should I do to achieve my goals. Tanya has big managerial experience, so she gave me advices who to involve in the project and even shared her contacts.
It was very easy conversation, but I received lots of valuable information. It was comfortable as talk between two friends but at the same time I felt I got beneficial knowledge from it
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